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Shure SE30 Mixer Mods.
This is a really cool little 3 channel mixer with over 100dB of gain!! I did this simple mod to make it a 3 channel preamp with unbalanced direct outs for each channel (I actually just did channels 2 & 3, but will eventually finish channel 1). In addition, the mixer function is NOT disabled!
Here is the schematic.
All I did was to tap the signal from the gain pots R1B, R2B and R3B, just before the 33k ohm resistors of each channel, R11, R12 and R13. That's the HOT signal that goes to the TIP of the phone jack. The ground of the phone jack just goes to any convenient chassis ground.
That's it. Couldn't be more simple, right?
Each channel now has a direct out and still goes to the mix bus. This means you can still CRUSH the life out of any channel you like with the built-in limiter. Wow, this thing is silly how much crazy compression you can get! Another benefit is that the gain is somewhat lower at the direct outs, resulting in less distortion than the mix buss. You can get tons of sounds out of this thing now.
So where did I put the 1/4" jacks? The SE30 can also run on batteries. I simply pulled out the battery compartment and put a piece of sheet metal in it's place. Now I have MORE than enough room!

Check out the pics below:

The wires I added are the two thicker red ones.

You can see in the pic below that the panel I installed didn't even need to be screwed or riveted into place. It's held quite snugly by the overlapping top and bottom yellow case covers. Less work. Sweet.
The green wire is the ground to chassis

I gotta figure out a better way of keeping my holes more aligned when drilling ;-)

Here's the battery case; SIX 9 volt batteries and a D cell!