Almira Sound Studio
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Guitar setups and repair.
Setups start at just $50 for non-locking tremolo guitars. I can also do mods for you - pickups, switches, wiring, etc.
There's no reason to have a nice guitar that doesn't play or sound right. And one of my favorite things to do is make cheap guitars play better than they were ever meant to!
For guitar setup and repair rates, please click on this link.
Shure Mixer Mods.
I am now offer some super cool mods for these old transformer coupled mixers! I can install an unbalanced direct channel output for each channel on various models like the M67, M68, SE30, M267, M268, etc. These mods will make your old Shure mixer a three or four channel preamp, depending on the model. It will also leave the mix bus intact so you can still use it as a mixer! You can still get these super cheap on Ebay. They made a million of them.
Trey cool.
Call or email for more details.
Amplifier/electronics repair.
I will also do some amplifier repairs and mods, on a case by case basis, as well as some other electronics repairs. Call and ask about your specific project.
Speaker repair.
A new service that I offer is speaker surround re-foaming. This is a fantastic and economical way to save your rare, vintage or just plain expensive-to-replace woofers. A great service for the musician or audiophile!
Soon I will also be offering complete re-coning, too.
Click here for some pictures to help you decide if your speaker needs re-foaming.