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Strat Style Guitars, including Fenders, Squiers and others
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Les Paul Style Guitars, including Gibsons, Epis and others
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Telecaster Style Guitars, including Fenders, Squiers and others
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How to talk to your guitar tech:
Some great tips for getting the most out of your guitar setup - for any guitar and any player!
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Guitar Setup and Repair Rates

Almira Sound Studio is pleased to be able to offer guitar setups.
Basic setups are just $50 and include:

- Guitar cleaning, including neck and frets
- Fret polishing
- New strings
- Neck truss rod adjustment when necessary
- Neck reset when necessary (bolt necks)
- Adjust string action
- Adjust intonation
- Adjust pickups
- Tighten loose screws and parts
- Clean dirty pots (noisy volume and tone controls)

The advantages of a professional setup are many, including:
making your guitar easier to
play; making it play in tune; making it stay in tune; reducing annoying
buzzes, rattles and loose parts. Having your guitar professionally set-up
will allow you to play at your full potential.

Who needs a guitar setup? Everybody! If you just bought
a guitar from one of those Big Box music stores, if you have changed
string gauges, if your guitar is subject to heat and humidity changes,
or if it just doesn't feel right, you NEED a guitar setup!

Full Setup (includes strings)---------$50
String Change (includes strings)---$15
Pickup Replacement, one*-----------$35
      each additional----------------------$25
Electronic Component R/R*----------$35
      each additional----------------------$25
Truss Rod Adjust------------------------$10
Fret Polish---------------------------------$25

Four String Bass Setups start at (includes strings) $65

Floyd Rose Setups Start at (includes strings) $65

Acoustic Guitar Setups Start at (includes strings) $55

*plus parts

Prices are for 6 string electric guitars with non-locking tremolos.
We also offer other guitar repair and modification, as well as bass guitar, acoustics, amplifiers and pedals.
Call for details.