The following is a list of mods that you can use to customize you Les Paul style guitar to your way of playing. You can perform these mods yourself, or if it makes you nervous, we can do them for you!


Phase Reverse: Here's a popular mod on many Les Pauls- add a push/pull pot (knob) to put the two pickups out of phase with each other when both pickups are selected. Now you will have four P/U combinations on your LP: Neck, Bridge, Both IN phase and Both OUT of phase.
The out of phase sound is much thinner than the normal humbucker sound, almost Strat-like. Kinda funky!
There is the possibility of added noise when Out of Phase is selected, depending on your pickups
This pot replacement is easily undone, but may affect the value of vintage instruments, even after being reversed.

Coil Splitting: Another cool mod using a push/pull pot. The idea is that basically, your humbucker pickup is two single coil pickups wired together. By adding a p/p pot, you can split these two coils, thereby achieving a single coil (Strat-like) sound.
Talk about versatile!